Proud Race

Proud Race Welcomes You

I Feel Proud

Proud Race is an exciting new initiative which enables schools to record and celebrate the stories of Indigenous Australians on life-size bollards which will be exhibited in venues throughout Australia.

The initial campaign was assisted with sponsorship from Reconciliation Victoria and Reconciliation Australia. The launch of the campaign during Reconciliation Week this year has had an enormous impact and a produced an incredible amount of interest from schools rights across Australia.

The initiative is being developed to build on the “I Feel Proud Today” campaign held in February this year, where over 4,000 students and teachers participated to commemorate the National Apology delivered by former Prime Minister of Australia, Mr Kevin Rudd in February 2008. The Apology was a milestone in the history of relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous cialis dosage Australian where the National Government acknowledged with the word “Sorry” the wrongs that have been inflicted on a proud race of people and a proud culture.

The prime purpose of the Project is to commemorate the National Apology in February 2013, but is expected that it will become an annual celebration.