Proud Race

Holy Rosary PS (Heathcote)

The Five Bollards that the students of Holy Rosary Heathcote Primary School have chosen for their participation in the Proud Race project represent the integral links in Aboriginal culture of Family and Country in a really special and unique way.

The first Bollard belongs to Lady Mungo whose ancient burial site was found by archaeologists in the dry sandy bed of Lake Mungo in the 1960s. The discovery re-defined the knowledge and acceptance of the depth and longevity of Aboriginal presence and culture in our country. She is the ancestor of the Mutthi Mutthi people and has opened the world to the beauty of Aboriginal culture.

The second bollard belongs to Nanna Alice Kelly, who carried so much of her Mutthi Mutthi language and culture through the ravages of and deprivations of pre-1967 Referendum Australia. She passed this love and knowledge of family and culture down the generations to: Joan Robinson (the third bollard) the eldest daughter of Alice and Alf Kelly, who was a strong and vibrant Mutthi Mutthi woman, who passed on her pride in identity and culture to her family.

Vicki Clark (the fourth bollard) is Joan’s daughter who has carried her knowledge and culture out to the wider community in an incredible way and has opened up the world of Aboriginal culture to non-Indigenous Australians leading the way for a just and lasting Reconciliation process.

Tamara Walker (the fifth bollard) is Vicki’s daughter and is a vibrant and strong young Mutthi Mutthi woman. She will, no doubt lead this strength and knowledge into the generations to come.

A profound Family link spanning 40,000 plus years is represented in these five bollards. Showing the depth, beauty and resilience of Australian Aboriginal culture through these remarkable Mutthi Mutthi women.